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The natural gas conversion

As the local network operator in Düsseldorf, we ensure that you are reliably supplied with water, electricity, district heating and gas from our distribution network.

Currently, gas customers in Germany are supplied with two different gas types, low caloric gas (L-gas) and high caloric gas (H-gas). In Düsseldorf, you are supplied with low caloric gas from the Netherlands. However, the Dutch natural gas reserves are slowly dwindling. For this reason, in the coming years, the supply is being converted to high caloric gas throughout Germany.

This conversion will affect Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Bremen, Saxony-Anhalt and Rhineland-Palatinate.

To ensure that your gas appliances continue to work reliably and safely, all devices must be registered by a specialist company assigned by us and will then be technically adapted. In accordance with the German energy act “Energiewirtschaftsgesetz” (EnWG), the respective network operator is responsible for this.

The responsibility for your gas connection lies with Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH, a company of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG. This applies irrespective from the supplier from whom you receive your gas.

We expect to start the registration of all gas appliances in the 3rd quarter of 2019. The technical conversion (adaptation) of your appliances will be performed until mid-2021, as the delivery with high caloric gas will begin starting from July 2021. No direct costs will arise for you in connection with the conversion of your gas appliances.

Sequence of the conversion


Phase 1: Information

In the first step, you will receive information in writing on the natural gas conversion. A few weeks before the beginning of the registration, we will contact you again with a letter that will inform you of the upcoming appointment at your household.


Phase 2: Registration

All relevant properties of your gas appliances will be recorded in the course of the registration to facilitate the planning and preparation of the subsequent adaptation. Only in this manner can we ensure that the correct spare parts will be ordered for your appliances in the subsequent step. Additionally, we also want to keep your time expenditure to a minimum. No actions are required on your behalf. Both the registration as well as the spare parts will be free of charge.

The registration measures will start approx. 2 years before the conversion date.


Phase 3: Adaptation

During the adaptation, your gas appliance will be converted to the operation with high caloric gas, e.g. with the replacement of the nozzles or the burner unit. Only after the performance of the adaptation has been completed will it be ensured that your gas appliance can continue to operate safely and reliably with the new high caloric gas type.

A period of up to one year may lie between the registration and the adaptation date.

The adaptation of your appliances will be free of charge.

Quality control

Following the registration and the adaptation, a quality control of the performed work will be carried out by means of random testing. We will inform you beforehand in writing of a possible appointment.

Information on your safety and security

  • All information provided by our company features the logo of Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH
  • You will not receive any information from Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH via e-mail. For this reason, please do not reply to such e-mail messages and do not provide any personal data
  • The registration and adaptation will be performed free of charge (with the exception of repairs, maintenance and the replacement of devices). For this reason, you will also not receive an invoice from Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH for the natural gas conversion and additionally no payments will be demanded onsite!
  • At each visit, our technicians will identify themselves without being asked by means of their Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH photo ID as well as a PIN number that has been prepared specifically for you. This is only known to you and our technician
  • Please only allow persons to enter the house that present their ID and the correct PIN number without being asked!
  • In the event of doubt, it is important that you call our natural gas office or the police before permitting persons into your residence
  • Do not show personal documents or valuables
  • Never leave strangers unattended in your residence